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In-Game Name(s): Ricardo Clemente

Steam Name: Tex

Steam Profile Linkhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198118060934/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78897603

Discord Username: A.Garza#6794

Age: 27

Total playtime on our Servers (Do !time in-game): 1w4d5h16m

Time Zone: CST

How much time can you realistically dedicate to moderating?: 10-15 Hrs / Week

Have you read the rules?: Yes

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes 

Do you acknowledge that you must attend all staff meetings (Unless you have stated why you cannot beforehand): Yes

Are you familiarized with SAM and/or Nutscript commands?: Yes

Do you acknowledge that lying on this application will result in immediate denial and blacklisting from staff?: Yes
Long Answer
Questions proceeded with an asterix require a response of 5 Sentences Minimum.

What is your motivation/reason for applying?:  I see a lot of minges breaking simple rules during the hours I play, sometimes I'll log into my gaming computer at work and open up my business and there will be white shirts and annoying players just starting to punch other, including myself and clients of mine. It's just an infringement on roleplay, I don't like dealing with it especially during a roleplay scenario. I want to limit how much others are affected by shitty minge players. 

Why should you be considered over other candidates?: I've got more experience staffing communities and gaming servers than most new applicants. I manage a multitude of teams in my real life work as a customs broker, I deal with conflict resolution every day between my employees, etc. I can't be as active as most younger kids, but I can put in a good amount of hours at random times through the day increasing the coverage of the staff team extensively. 

Do you have any previous staffing experience? (Please list where, what position and how long): I've been regular staff administrator for Dark RP UrbanGamers, IceFuse Military RP, Gravity Networks StarWars RP, etc. I was staff manager for Gravity Networks for a year, staff in the other servers for around the same time back when I was younger. In Arma and other realistic games I led communities and groups of serious players in MilSim Operations. 

Have you been banned before on any of our servers? If so, why?: No. 

Would you say that you are well known in our community, what's your reputation, what do other members think of you?: I've been in the server for a while now. I've been a part of City Government and different families in the underground as well. I feel as if I've interacted with enough people in a positive manner that people would say my top priority is roleplay, long term dedicated roleplay that actually impacts players. 

Have any staff members recommended you? If so, list their names: Flamingo/MxR 
Problem Solving
Detail step by step exactly the actions you would take.

Someone RDMs and you are currently off-duty. How do you handle this?: I would go on duty and deal with the situation if I was not involved, if I was involved I'd make a ticket. If I dealt with it I'd teleport the player to a private area and speak to him regarding the situation, depending on his response I'd give him a warning, kick, ban, etc. whatever was necessary depending on his attitude and my interpretation of the situation. 

You have seen a fellow staff member of higher or equal rank than you abusing fairly often, but never doing anything too noticeable. What do you do?: I'd document the situation as it happens and when it gets t the point where I see it affecting roleplay I would turn in the clips and other evidence to an upper administration member. 

A very good friend of yours joins the server. Over the course of an hour, you’ve received multiple complaints about them not following rules, RDM’ing, and minging. How do you proceed knowing this can affect your friendship with them?: I'd look into the situation, given enough proof I'd remove the player from the community. I've had friends come into the server and join the same Family I was in, those friends went away for a long time without giving notice.. I do not give favoritism out to friends. Everyone gets their fair shake and that's all. I mark a clear line between OOC and IC, if they get butthurt over getting banned for doing some dumb shit it's on them, and if they don't wanna talk to me cus they got banned from a G-Mod Server I don't really 


+1 Best roleplayer I have ever seen. Perfectly fit for the position, in my opinion.


+1 he's great in leadership roles; he knows how to take control of a situation and has great judgement. Solid recommend.

RE: STAFF APPLICATION, CLEMENTE - Irebelle - 03-15-2023

I think he would make a fine addition to staff. Answers are well thought out.


Thank you for applying to the Diverge Networks staff team!
It is my pleasure to inform you that your application has been accepted.

Submit a ticket on our Discord for training and to get setup.