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Ban Appeal (just now saw the forum for it) - ...loading... - 11-30-2022

Your SteamID: Steam 0:1:0 707785052

Reason for ban: Failmug, LTAP

Length of ban: 3 days 

Reason for appeal both a dispute and apology i guess?

Why should you be unbanned?  To explain the situation, I mugged someone at the car dealership when no one was around and successfully made away with a pack of rifle ammo (yay ikr) and i was walking back to my car to flee the scene and then my power went out before i could make it to my car. I came back a few hours later once the stork calmed down and the power came back on and i was already banned for 3 days. Now the failmug im not sure of all the rules on that so i could've been in the wrong about that but i have ltaped before so i know what it means and i didnt ltap this time so i was hoping i could get unbanned or at least have my time shortened 

RE: Ban Appeal (just now saw the forum for it) - Cosmothecat - 11-30-2022

Your steamid is STEAM_0:1:707785052  and not Steam 0:1:0 707785052

RE: Ban Appeal (just now saw the forum for it) - Mascotics - 12-01-2022

I am not the banning staff member, but upon just checking into logs on this, it shows that you physically disconnected from the server rather than timed/lagged out due to power loss. This was immediately after you moved items from the inventory of the person you mugged.

"Player disconnected from the server, reason: Disconnect by user."


RE: Ban Appeal (just now saw the forum for it) - KOSS Evolution - 12-02-2022

I have heard a lot of people saying their power went out or their internet went out. But personally, I can't tell if you are lying or not. Over the internet, anyone can say anything and all I had was logs that stated you disconnected by the user, and mugging in a public setting or in front of ATMs and npcs is indeed failmug. I personally don't see a reason to have your ban shortened because there is simply no proof to show if your power went out or not. If proof could be provided then we would be getting somewhere but one's word isn't enough over the internet.

RE: Ban Appeal (just now saw the forum for it) - Hue - 12-05-2022


Your ban appeal has been reviewed and denied.

We have determined this ban to be reasonable and/or justified.

Ensure you have read our Server Rules