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Vladimir Kalashnikov player report - UnknownCarnival - 11-07-2022

Your Name: 

Paul James

Offender(s) Name(s):

Vladimir Kalashnikov

Offender(s) Steam/Player ID:

This player's ID: 70862 has been copied to your clipboard.

Server this occurred on?

Time of Incident:

Around 11:10PM EST

Rule(s) Violated:

Harassment I don't care if someone talks bad about me but when you bring someone's family into something it's too far. You don't tell someone you're going to molest their family

Evidence (Videos/Screenshots):

Additional Information (Players/staff directly involved, etc):
Vladimir Kalashnikov

RE: Vladimir Kalashnikov player report - Tf2 Monkey - 11-07-2022

Literally rp your a cop and your trying to hang around with me

Oh wrong guy lmao

RE: Vladimir Kalashnikov player report - Rem - 11-07-2022

This unfortunately does not constitute any punishment. This is the level of insults you can expect when on the internet, and this is not something we punish for. If the user was breaking RP then it could maybe be FailRP, but this was done in LOOC.

Your player report has been reviewed and denied.

We have determined that the player's actions were not against our server rules or they were too minor in nature to warrant punishment.

We thank you for taking the time to file a player report.