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Diego Ban Appeal - BluXapplz - 10-21-2021

Your Name: Diego 

Your SteamID (Click to retrieve): 
  1. STEAM_0:0:430651291

Reason for ban: MINGE|NITRP

Length of ban: 1 Day

Reason for appeal (dispute/apology): i was not minging as you know the Colombians have saved that mayor multiple times and i wanted everyone to know we did a hellava better job than the nypd 

Why should you be unbanned? because i was roleplaying as my character i was speaking only IC and was roleplaying the whole time 

Additional Information (images, videos, etc): N\A

RE: Diego Ban Appeal - Touka - 10-21-2021

During inauguration, you jumped on stage screaming and yelling with a bunch of people. Inaugurations are supposed to be serious. I deemed it enough to be considered minging, and due to your PO, a ban was issued.

RE: Diego Ban Appeal - BluXapplz - 10-21-2021

i was not the only one and im sure i was the only ones banned tho it was not mingey as you dont know what we went thru to have him mayor and i want people to know the sacrifices Colombian people did for him

multiple people stormed the stage but im sure they was not banned

Diego Ban Appeal - Pendred - 10-21-2021

Your ban appeal has been reviewed and denied.

We have determined this ban to be reasonable and/or justified.

Your next infraction will be a permanent ban.

Ensure you have read our Server Rules